Aeternam is an application that makes use of a blockchain. In short, a blockchain is a distributed ledger. The datastructure allows transaction information to be shared among many nodes on a network in a secure fashion so that the transaction information can be trusted. The blockchain was made famous as the underlying ledger allowing for Bitcoin. Accompanying the blockchain is also a distributed consensus mechanism where the nodes on the network, each having a local copy of the blockchain, form a consensus that the new transaction is valid before adding it to the blockchain.

Aeternam Blockchain

The Aeternam blockchain has the ability to store applications and smart contracts making it useful not only as the underlying distibuted ledger of the Aeternam cryptocurrency, but also as a distributed and secure way of distributing software applications and contracts without the need for a 3rd party.


A token based digital currency where transactions are stored in an distributed blockchain removing the need for a 3rd party accounting system like a bank. Banking relies on a trust agreement between banks, nearly worldwide. The system of trust (SWIFT) charges fees, and banks charge even more fees for largely nothing more than maintaining a ledger. Cryptocurrencies are essentially free from these banking fees and do not rely on a 3rd party trust system. They are also border neutral and not under the control of a central bank.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that allows you to receive, store and send either a single type of cryptocurrency, or in some cases, many different kinds of cryptocurrencies.


Amino is the currency of the Aeternam blockchain. We reward members of the community with Amino for providing content related to life extension. The content providers are rewarded by community members voting on their content. The Lux currency will one-day be traded on one or more cryptocurrency trading platforms. Note: No promise of value for the Amino is promised or even suggested. It is not a security.

Life Extension

This may be the most confusing term of all. While on its face life extension is simply that, extending life. How or why that happens is a matter of intense research. Some believe that humans have a maximum lifespan and the best we can hope for is to live healthy lives until the day we expire. Others believe that by manipulating cell chemistry, turning genes on and off, adding telomeres (the rubber baby buggy bumper of our chromosomes), removing senescent cells, we can live beyond any prescribed limit. There is even a goal of uploading our brains into machines making our conscious selves immortal. Of course, the advent of self-driving cars will undoubtedly raise the overall life expectancy of the population.